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Stainless Steel Muffler, 914-4 (2.0) (70-76)
Part Number: 039.251.051D
100% stainless steel muffler for 914-4 (2.0) (1970-1976) models.
Front Bumper Guard, Left, 356A(T1/T2)
Part Number: 644.505.031.10
Concours quality reproduction front bumper guard (155mm) for 356A model with the low overrider bar. The height represents the distance between the mounting studs.
Was: $298.00
Now: $268.20
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Interior Door Pull Handle, 356A/356B
Part Number: 644.531.621.00
Excellent reproduction chrome plated interior door pull handle for 356A and 356B (1956-1963) models.
Was: $59.96
Now: $57.50
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Seat Bolt Kit, 911/930/924/928/944 (75-84)
Part Number: 900.119.129.KIT
Set of steel, low head, yellow zinc dichromate plated bolts for the front seat mounting and rails on 911, 930, 924, 928 and 944 (1975-1984) models.
Fan Alternator Housing Shroud (225mm), 911 RSR/906/914/6GT
Part Number: 901.106.103.00R
While the 911 series engines were always fitted with fan rings and fan wheels in the size 245mm, the racing engines were always equipped with the small 225mm fan impeller and blower ring.