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Stainless Steel Muffler, 914-4 (2.0) (70-76)
Part Number: 039.251.051D
100% stainless steel muffler for 914-4 (2.0) (1970-1976) models.
Front Bumper Guard, Left, 356A(T1/T2)
Part Number: 644.505.031.10
Concours quality reproduction front bumper guard (155mm) for 356A model with the low overrider bar. The height represents the distance between the mounting studs.
Was: $298.00
Now: $268.20
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Interior Door Pull Handle, 356A/356B
Part Number: 644.531.621.00
Excellent reproduction chrome plated interior door pull handle for 356A and 356B (1956-1963) models.
Was: $59.96
Now: $57.50
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Peter Zimmermann’s Used 911 Story, 9th Edition
Part Number: 75827
With The Used 911 Story, 9th Edition, author Peter Zimmermann provides a truly comprehensive resource to guide you through the process of purchasing one of these amazing sports cars.
Was: $34.95
Now: $29.70
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Seat Bolt Kit, 911/930/924/928/944 (75-84)
Part Number: 900.119.129.KIT
Set of steel, low head, yellow zinc dichromate plated bolts for the front seat mounting and rails on 911, 930, 924, 928 and 944 (1975-1984) models.