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A/C Refrigerant - Johnsens R134a (30 lb Cylinder)
Part Number: 55.6984.010
For use in factory installed and/or retrofitted R134a automotive air conditioning systems. Includes standard ACME threaded cap. Certified to meet/exceed ARI 700 and SAE J2776 purity standards.
Bursch Header & Stinger, All 356's
Part Number: BA 7916-5356
Bursch header and stinger complete system that replaces the stock exhaust system on all 356 models.
Bursch Header, All 356's/912
Part Number: BA 7916-5B
Header for Bursch mufflers.
Bursch J-Pipes, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: BA 7919-B
Inexpensive alternative to buying stock pipes with heater boxes!
Heater Control Rod, Right, All 356's (50-65)
Part Number: 644.211.702.00
Heater control rod for right side on all 356 models.
Muffler Tip With Square Rolled Edge
Part Number: 547.54.110
Brand new high quality reproduction of the early exhaust chrome tip with correct SQUARE ROLLED EDGE. Factory installed on 356 Super and optional for all other models with Sport muffler (part # 616.54.103). Heavy brass pipe with deep chrome, 120 gr. For 45mm pipes, 160m length.
Muffler to Heater Exchange Clamp, All 356's/912
Part Number: 369.54.109
Muffler to heater exchanger clamp for all 356's and 912 models. Two required.
Race Exhaust Megaphone Set, All Models
Part Number: 902057
A special tuning chamber in these megaphones increases your horsepower and torque when at high RPMs.
Was: $144.95
Now: $95.00
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Seal Ring,18mm x 24mm
Part Number: 900.123.11.30
Seal ring for pressure pipe pump converter. Measures 18mm x 24mm.