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Becker Loudspeaker Plug
Part Number: SMC.311.20
Loudspeaker plug for all Becker radios.
Blaupunkt Radio Shaft Chrome Nut Set
Part Number: SMC.361.02
Set of two chrome nuts used to fix the radio shafts on Blaupunkt radio models.
Blaupunkt Speaker Plug With Cable
Part Number: SMC.301.44
Original loud speaker plug with cable for Blaupunkt radios. Measures 60cm in length.
Bosch Ignition Switch with Keys
Part Number: 644.613.101.01
Bosch ignition switch with two keys for models with an independent starter button or a three step (off/on/starter) switch. This is a replacement switch and it's not like the original.
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Chrome Bezel, Wiper Switch
Part Number: 644.613.128.00
Chrome wiper switch bezel for 356, 356A, Speedster, and Spyder models (1950-1959).
Dash Control Light Set
Part Number: 356.61.073
356 dash control lights also known as "idiot lights". Lights (green, red and blue) installed between the speedometer and tachometer for all 356 Pre A & Speedster models up to 1955. Lights come with washers, light bulb and ground connection. These lights were also used on later cars as fog and heated windscreen indicator lights.
Door Light Switch, 356/356A/356B(T5)
Part Number: 644.615.601.00
Reproduction door light switch for 356, 356A and 356B(T5) models.
Door Light Switch, 356B(T6)/356C
Part Number: 644.615.601.06
Door light switch for 356B(T6) and 356C models.
Fog Light Switch Knob, 356B/356C
Part Number: 613.503.00
Replacement knob for fog light switch part # 644.613.503.00. Light bulb part # 900.631.001.90 is not included. Four colors (green, yellow, blue and red) to choose from.
Fog Light Switch, 356B/356C/911/912
Part Number: 644.613.503.00
An excellent reproduction of the original switch for 356B and 356C models. The switch with blue dot and the can also be used in early 911 and 912 models as well as the switch with red dot for European cars. Light bulb not included.
Ignition Switch Key Blank (Bosch # 0-342-309-003)
Part Number: 644.613.901.00
Blank key for Bosch ignition switch #644.613.101.01 on all 356 (1950-1965) models.
Interior Light Bulb, 12 Volt/10W
Part Number: N.017.723.2
12V/10W interior light bulb.
Loudspeaker Plug Set
Part Number: SMC.361.49
Set of two loudspeaker plugs that will work for many different radios.
PorscheĀ® Classic Radio Navigation System
Part Number: 911.645.291.00
Classic on the outside, high-tech on the inside: Porsche Classic presents the new Radio Navigation System for Classic Porsche models.
RetroSound Classic Style Radio, Hermosa, Becker Style
Part Number: SMC.230.365.00
This radio maintains the old style in-dash mounting required for our beloved German Classics while offering all of the latest modern conveniences.
RetroSound Classic Style Radio, Hermosa, Euro Style
Part Number: SMC.230.365