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Autobahn 'No Speed Restrictions' Sign
Part Number: PNA.008.000.44
This sign indicates the cancellation of all previous speed limits - in other words NO SPEED LIMIT!
Autobahn Sign
Part Number: PNA.007.000.44
The Autobahn sign is one of the most recognized signs in world. Posted on the Autobahn entrance ramps and indicates that Autobahn traffic regulation begin.
Christophorus Magazine Binder
Part Number: 367.952.021
No longer available
Cibie Rally "Martini" Driving Light Cover, 911/912/930
Part Number: SMC.631.206.56
Cibie rally Martini driving light cover. For 911, 912 and 930 models. Sold individually.
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Cibie Rally Driving Light Cover, 911/912/930
Part Number: SMC.631.205.56
Cibie rally driving light cover. For 911, 912 and 930 models. Sold individually.
Classic Emergency Warning Triangle
Part Number: PCG.860.251.00
This foldable emergency warning triangle from can be used with all models.
Coco Cargo Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.805
Coco cargo mat.
Coco Front And Rear Floor Mat Set
Part Number: SMC.000.071
Coco mat set for the front and rear driver and passenger side.
Coco Front Driver Side Floor Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.072
Coco mat for the front driver side.
Coco Front Floor Mat Set
Part Number: SMC.000.070
Coco mat set for the front driver and passenger side.
Coco Rear Floor Mat Set
Part Number: SMC.000.909
Coco mat set for the rear driver and passenger side.
Coco Rear Luggage Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.074
Coco rear luggage runner mat.
Coco Three Piece Floor Mat Set
Part Number: SMC.000.073
Three piece coco floor mat set. Includes (1) driver mat, (1) passenger mat and (1) runner mat.
Coco Trunk Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.802
Coco trunk mat.
Coco Tunnel Mat
Part Number: SMC.000.804
Coco tunnel mat without rubber backing.
Factory Roof Rack, 911/912
Part Number: 901.801.010.01
Rugged all steel tubing, fully chromed not just polished stainless rack for luggage and skis. Heavy steel brackets mount firmly to the gutter. Rubber and plastic cover the gutter clamps so the paint isn't harmed.
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Fuchs Wheel Key Ring
Part Number: SMC.000.631.50
Silver Fuchs wheel key ring.
Gloveworks Disposable Gloves
Part Number: SMC.987.00
Powder free, textured industrial grade. 100 per box.
Hazet Kneeling Pad
Part Number: 195-1
Made of non-absorbing, closed cell foam. Easy to clean surface. With carrying handle. Measures 30mm x 450mm x 210mm.
Map Light, Osram LED Onyx Copilot
Part Number: 36685
Map light, Osram LED onyx copilot. Plugs into cigarette lighter socket. Flexible neck for easy adjustment. Warm non-glare light. 20 lumen light output.
Messko Tire Air Gauge Leather Pouch
Part Number: SMC.200.005
Reproduction Messko leather pouch.
Mirror Bra Set With Porsche® Crest (76-91)
Part Number: PNA.731.000
Was: $39.99
Now: $35.99
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Mud Flap, Left, 928 (78-86)
Part Number: 928.559.383.02
Mud flap for the left side of 928 (1978-1986) models.
Mud Flap, Right, 928 (78-86)
Part Number: 928.559.384.02
Mud flap for the right side of 928 (1978-1986) models.
OTC Mechanic's Gloves
Part Number: SMC.580.00
Washable synthetic leather palm with padding. Polyester and lycra material around fingers offer a durable, lightweight cover that stretches for a great fit. PVC cushions help protect knuckles. Polyester back panels include webbing for improved ventilation.
Owner's Manual Cover
Part Number: WWM.210.300
Currently unavailable
Owner's Manual Cover, Blue
Part Number: SMC.460.420.BL
Maroon owner's manual cover with blue vinyl.
Owner's Manual Cover, Maroon
Part Number: SMC.460.420
Maroon owner's manual cover for all models.
Porsche Classic Engine Oil Bag
Part Number: PCG.043.209.00
The Porsche Classic engine oil bag is used to store and transport a 1L classic oil can.
Porsche Club of America Badge
Part Number: PCA
Dress up your pride and joy with this beautiful genuine PCA enameled car badge. One hundred percent of the sales proceeds goes to the Porsche Club of America.
Porsche® First Aid Kit
Part Number: PCG.800.702.00
Currently unavailble
Porsche® Shop Towel
Part Number: 644.721.915.00
Porsche® shop towel.
Porsche® Utility Jug w/ Shop Towel, 5 Liter
Part Number: PCG.800.703.00
Porsche® 5 liter utility jug with shop towel included.
Service Manual Cover, Black
Part Number: WWM.210.500

Sierra Madre Collection Poster, 356B Carrera
Part Number: SMC.002
Currently unavailable
Sierra Madre Collection Poster, Speedster
Part Number: SMC.001
Currently unavailable
Slimline License Plate
Part Number: PNA.703.002.00
These European style license plates come in Satin or Powder Black with genuine Porsche® crest. Drilling required for installation.
Tire Compressor, 911/930/924/928/944 (70-95)
Part Number: 997.652.055.00
Genuine tire compressor for 911, 930, 924, 928 and 944 (1970-1995) models.