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Bosch 12V Decal Set, 911/912/914 (66-76)
Part Number: 911.701.200.57
Bosch 12V decal set, "Made In Germany". For 911, 912 and 914 (1966-1976) models.
Bosch 12V Decal, 911/912/914 (66-76)
Part Number:
Bosch 12V decal, "Made In Spain". For 911, 912 and 914 (1966-1976) models.
Bosch RPM Transducer Decal, 911/914 (69-71)
Part Number: 0.336.611.006
Red or black Bosch RPM transducer decal for 911 and 914 (1969-1971) models.
Gold Porsche Emblem, 911/912/914 (67-76)

Part Number: 901.559.301.22
Individually pieced gold Porsche® script for 911 (1967-1971), 912 (1967-1969), and 914 (1970-1976) models. 15 1/4" (387mm) in length. Clips included.

JORG Auto Parts Decal
Part Number: SMC.000.927
JORG Auto Parts decal. High quality digital print and cut with gloss laminate.
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign, 928 GTS, 40x60cm
Part Number: PCG.000.928.10
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign for 928 GTS models, 40x60cm.
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign, Powerful Elegance, 40x60cm
Part Number: PCG.000.999.18
Porsche classic enamel sign, "kraftvolle Eleganz mit leichter Hand geführt.", 40x60cm.
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign, Sport der Persönlichkeit, 40x60cm
Part Number: PCG.000.999.12
Porsche classic enamel sign, "Sport der Persönlichkeit / Fahren in seiner schönsten Form." ("Sports personality / driving at its fines."), 40x60cm.
Porsche Classic Enamel Sign, Years Ahead in Engineering, 40x60cm
Part Number: PCG.000.999.16
Porsche classic enamel sign, "Years ahead in engineering, miles ahead on the road", 40x60cm.
Porsche Crest Decal
Part Number: WAP.013.002

Seat Belt Decal Set, 911/914 (72-76)
Part Number: 911.456.001.SET
Press seat belt decal set for 911 (1972-1973) and 914 (1972-1976) models.
CIBIE Lights Decal
Part Number: CIBIE.01
Sticker measures 150 mm x 34 mm.
Was: $12.50
Now: $8.95
On Sale
Part Number: HELLA.01
Sticker measures 150mm x 100mm.
Racing Pegasus Decal Set
Part Number: SMC.100.001
They measure 4 1/2 inches x 3 3/4 inches or 115mm x 95mm.
Racing Pegasus Decal Set (White Border)
Part Number: SMC.000.876
They measure 7 inches x 5 1/2 inches or 180mm x 140mm.
Was: $16.50
Now: $9.50
On Sale
SCCA Racing Safety Decal Kit
Part Number: SMC.000.976
SCCA racing safety decal kit.
Was: $9.95
Now: $8.99
On Sale
Hicock Belt Stickers, (50-70)
Part Number: 644.701.803.00
Currently Unavailable
Driving In Its Purest Form Decal
Part Number: 901.701.020.00
This decal commemorates the first 25 years of Porsche automobiles that were built.
Speed Nut Clip
Part Number: 999.591.423.03
Speed nut clip. Sold individually.
Speed Nut Clip
Part Number: 999.591.211.01
Speed nut clip.
Plastic Speed Nut Clip Set
Part Number: SMC.591.KIT
Correct plastic speed nut clip set. Nine per set.
Emblem Transfer Adhesive Tape
Part Number: SMC.089.411
Developed and made in Germany, this is one of the best emblem adhesives. Transfer tape is easy to use, quick bonding and excellent on most smooth surfaces. Pack of 2 strips. Instructions are included.