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1958 356 Two Top Rudge Cabriolet

FLOORS and BATTERY PAN/TRAY are ORIGINAL and (although a few dents) COMPLETELY SOLID/ HONEST/ and in almost unbelievable condition...

Seats /top / carpet was redone as new 20 years ago... Motor showed an 8kg DROP in compression in #3 cylinder after the machine was driven back from Calif to Arizona 20 years ago- so Doug had it FULLY REBUILT- at the same time the transmission was redone as well...Documented..

Essentially, the machine has been REFRESHED- not RESTORED- and the metal is about as ORIGINAL as you will ever find...

The paperwork is as complete as you will ever find- the CARDEX is UNBELIEVABLE !... Originally I thought that the First owner literally called the factory- and said " I want a 58 SUPER Cabriolet- and apply EVERY option you can, please! " A 3 generation 356 PCA judge and owner of about 15 early 356's- & and the FIRST 54 Speedster, told me that of the perhaps 512 produced that year, this machine was "ONE OF 4 PRODUCED EXACTLY alike FULLY OPTIONED right off the assembly line" - making this a "1 in 125" machine especially opted as such...

EVERYTHING WORKS- the Becker Europa High Fidelity Radio works well and Douglas (rather than replacing the original speakers with new- had them meticulously "Re Coned" - ... The attention to detail relative to that which was "re-worked" on the machine is truly amazing...

The "rubber" seals and gaskets were replaced when the car was disassembled- ALL KNOBS /switches gauges are original and untouched.- with little "cracks" in the hard plastic...

Suspension bushings were rebuilt and brakes gone through completely as well during the refresh process..

The tools are 100% complete and original - the STEEL DATE CODED extra set of wheels and tires are included with the machine to allow the owner to SWAP when wanted... The top is as new (20 years old though) and its frame is "refreshed" as well....

THE "GAPS" are phenomenal and RAZOR SHARP... ZERO RUST




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